About The Book


Vibration Experiment is about our soul’s big experiment called LIFE, why we came here in the first place, and playing with little holistic healing experiments to get high on vibes so everything becomes easier and a lot more FUN!

We’ll explore how holistic healing, metaphysics, science and playtime connect.

Methods to help you get through life and deal with death include meditating, yoga, Reiki, tapping, clearing chakras, connecting with spirits, vibing with sounds, crystals and pendulums, dumping dukkha, sleeping in noni trees and more.

Do you want to know why your life is what it is? Explore your charted fate, free will, intuition, the sneakily quiet but powerful unconscious mind and the energies of attraction. They’re all in the works for you, and you can learn how to experiment with them to work even better for you!

Find out how to navigate through doors that are meant for you and how to identify ones that aren’t, so you can stop trying to push your way through to places you don’t belong.

Also, let’s get real about our TRUE home. That’s where we were in the first place when we decided to come here to this low-vibe place where negativity exists. You’ll be back there soon!

Oh, and spoiler alert: aliens and ghosts do exist!

It’s all part of the vibration experiment.


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